Plus, help us find the most talented buskers, and the vegan butcher coming to Islington |
Time Out No. #23 | Thursday 22 October 2020 | Issue No. #2598
Meet the Crouch End
sourdough doyen
It all started in a north London kitchen at the beginning of lockdown. A few loaves were baked and shared, and before long there were people queuing outside someone’s house for sourdough. Who was that someone? Why don’t you click
the damn link and find out?
Fingers on buzzers
Hampstead pub The Spaniards Inn claims to be the birthplace of which
infamous outlaw?
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Stuff for you to do this weekend
Bear witness to true cold
The British Museum’s new exhibition, ‘Arctic: Culture and Climate’, gives visitors a look into the frosty lives of the area’s indigenous people and a complete history of the region, from woolly mammoths to snowmobiles.
The best of the rest:
Fright night Visit the Forbidden Forest if you dare. Okay, it’s actually just Copeland Park but it’s showing some great scary movies over the next few weeks.

Drawing stories More than just extremely intricate drawings, every one of Toyin Ojih Odutola’s 40 artworks on display at the Barbican combines to tell a huge story – pretty cool, right?

Online arts Enjoy some of Africa’s best poetry, music, art, film and more, plus talks from the people who make it, from the comfort of your own sofa, at Aké Festival’s first digital edition.

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Witness the apex of London busking
Who is this incredible singer? Have you ever heard anything this good on your way to work? We are on a mission to find London’s most talented buskers, so let us know if you have a favourite pavement performer or subway saxophonist.
London news that you can use
Mock meat
The legends behind Rudy’s Diner are opening a vegan butcher in Islington
Eye melters
Want to be plunged into a black hole and then blinded by flashing lights?
Zero-waste delivery
A top-up truck is bringing everyday essentials to Hackney households
Goodnight, nightlife?
Some of London’s favourite venues have missed out on government funding
Feelgood links to ease the pain
Watch this person make Big Ben out of dominoes and destroy it in beautiful
slow motion

If only TfL were as good as beluga whales at retrieving dropped phones

A beer tsunami on Tottenham Court Road? Yes, this actually happened

Japan has a mascot for absolutely everything, and most of them are
completely terrifying